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When struggling to find inspiration, I find music uniquely helpful, particularly when the song has no lyrics, or the lyrics are not in a language I understand. As an ongoing project I’ll be posting entries here for songs that I feel are particularly inspirational.

To avoid copyright issues I’ve provided the song title and source, so that users can find the songs themselves. Most of them should be available on either Amazon or Youtube.

Each song also has a variety of tags that outline the pace (fast vs slow), tone (intense vs mellow), instruments, and some of the emotions I associate with each song. Feel free to use the index below to browse.

When browsing, I recommend that you choose two tags; i.e. “mystery” and “mellow”. Click one of them to see all entries associated with that tag, and then press Command/Control F and type in the other tag. The browser will jump to entries with the second keyword. Keep in mind that you may need to scroll down to load more posts.

If you don’t know what to write, try listening to a song with your eyes closed. Let your mind wander, and imagine a scene to go with the song.

Update (December 2016)

The response to this side project has been minimal, and with other writing related projects clamoring for attention, I’m going to discontinue posting new content to this side blog, until such time as I feel that there is more interest.

If you wish to see new music posts, please comment or contact me and let me know.

Tag Index


fast pace (49)    medium fast pace (20)     medium pace (50)     medium slow pace (7)     slow pace (18)


intense (33)     neutral (39)     mellow (22)


happy/joy (45)     bittersweet (31)     anger/wrath (26)     sad/despair (13)

light-hearted/silly (1)     romance (16)     regret (23)

mystery (47)     awe (49)     danger (28)     fight (24)

memory/aftermath (35)

time passing (39) (adventure/journey, research/training)

nature (29)     industry (14)

Dominant Instrument

+electronics (6)     +flute (3)     +guitar (3)     +harp (2)     +horns (10)     +oboe/clarinet (0)

+percussion (18)     +piano (13)     +strings (24)     +vocal choir (13)

Instruments (in general)

bagpipes ()     electronics (13)     flute (19)     guitar (7)     harp (3)     horns (22)     oboe/clarinet (6)

percussion (66)     piano (32)     strings (79)     vocal choir (60)


Movies (83)

Audiomachine (13)

Brunuhville (11)

BXM (1)

Craig Armstrong (1)

Demented Sound Mafia (5)

The Crow (1)

Full Tilt (3)

Thomas Bergersen (10)

Travis King (1)

Two Steps from Hell (18)

Anime (2)

Dot Hack Roots (1)

Escaflowne, Vision of (1)

Videogames (2)

Assassin’s Creed series (2)